DealerPRO Support Centre

We have extensive infrastructure and support for our products and services with a reputation for client service excellence, DealerPRO has been repeatedly recognised for its commitment to customers and a high average customer satisfaction rating reflects our commitment to providing exemplary service. Our industry accredited professionals are highly trained to support DealerPRO and have a thorough understanding of business processes in the Automotive, Marine, Bike, Truck and Agricultural Industries. Staff members also attend onsite orientation meetings with clients on a regular basis to remain up to date with the latest industry advances.

The DealerPRO support centre is the hub of on-line support for any anomalies or procedural issues you may encounter and operates Monday-Friday between the hours of 7.30am - 6.00pm. A request to our support centre will put you in direct contact with application consultants, engineers, technical support personnel and product developers who are ready to respond to any of your questions or concerns. Support staff have immediate, on-line access to detailed information about your system and its service history, so they can respond quickly and accurately.

Our comprehensive Call Centre tracking system monitors every reported item, response rates, audit trails and call duration to ensure optimal service provision.  We actively track productivity by specified key benchmarks, with a view to minimising phone wait time and outstanding queries, while maximising performance outcomes and customer satisfaction.

The DealerPRO support centre measures its success based on its customers' success so making your business work efficiently is our top priority.


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