DealerLink is the Pentana Solutions Wide Area Network (WAN) across Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. It is a secure and reliable business grade connection that is used to effectively support our software, distribute data and enable B2B transactions. DealerLink enables the automated distribution of software updates, tandem support, real time electronic transactions such as electronic parts trading between dealers and distribution of price files.

         Automated Software Updates

         Seamless parts price file distribution

         B2B parts trading

         Multiple secure support response

         Site to site communications



DealerLink is the Automotive Industry's largest private network.


DealerLink connects manufacturers and dealers to provide a seamless connection for the transmission of data. This wide area network facility is fully managed at all points to ensure maximum performance and complete security. DealerLink is a single, high speed, flexible connection that will facilitate all customer communication and transaction needs. Including;

         500+ Dealers subscribed to DealerLink

         16 Manufacturers, Distributors,Suppliers.

         800+ Managed telecommunication services.

         Secure Managed Network across Australasia.

         Seamless Data Communication between Distributor & Dealer

         Encrypted & Tiered Security Network

         Real Time DSL Based Connectivity

         99.9% Reliability Service Level Agreement (SLA)