DealerPRO Marine & Agriculture

DealerPRO Agriculture & Marine

Designed to specifically cater to the Agriculture and Marine industries- our whole good stock linking facility enables the creation of "packages" which can contain combinations of whole goods and implements. In the Agriculture industry this may mean linking two separate implements such as a tractor and a seeder to make one unit or in the marine industry it could represent linking a hull, outboard and a trailer to create a package.

Promotional Sheets & Marketing


DealerPRO promo sheets have been specifically tailored to the marine industry to allow easy flyers to be created. These promo sheets can be used for display in printed format or be faxed or emailed to clients directly from DealerPRO. 

Promo sheets are customisable and are designed to list features specific to a particular package. The facility also enable the storage of up to six photos per unit, with a default display photo of the unit.


Invoicing & deal processing

Invoice creation and deal processing are from one screen and this facility has been specifically designed to complement the stock linking facility. Invoice layouts are configurable and includes fax, email & print facility.